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What are the Advantages of Adjustable Base Mattresses?

Adjustable beds are advantageous for everyone, including those looking to maximize comfort, reduce medical issues or injury, decrease snoring, and more. An adjustable bed base lifts the top or bottom of the mattress between 40 and 70 degrees, creating a more comfortable shape. 

For several people, an adjustable bed could be the missing factor leading to a great night's sleep. Those who suffer from back aches or sleep apnea can benefit from an adjustable mattress base. 

Adjustable bed bases might be found only in the hospital room, but this is no longer the case. Adjustable bases are available for home use, and they offer many health benefits. Here, we have enlisted some top benefits of having an adjustable bed base in your bedroom. 

Diminish asthma, Sleep Apnea, and Snoring. 

Sleep apnea, asthma, and snoring are all caused by breathing problems. An elevated mattress can help raise the head and take the weight off the windpipe, allowing for better airflow while lying on your bed. 

Ease Insomnia 

Due to hectic routines and busy schedules, people suffer from pain and anxiety, which are common causes of insomnia. This leaves people tossing and turning the whole night. Adjustable bed frames have multiple positions available, making it possible to get the most comfortable and restful position. 

Reduces swelling 

If you have a leg injury, are pregnant, are not well, or work on your feet all day. An elevated adjustable mattress base can help in protecting your legs from swelling. When your legs lie level and inert, it can create more pain. Still, an adjustable bed makes it easy to keep your legs elevated without worrying about slipping off your carefully constructed pillow pile. 

Further Independence 

It can be tough for people with impaired mobility to get in and out of bed. Elevating one end of the mattress supports standing up or lying in bed without anyone's help. 

Lessen Acid Reflux And Heartburn

Lying on your back allows an easy path for stomach acid to move up the esophagus. You don't need to eat before sleeping to be affected by acid reflux or heartburn. Raising your head while sleeping can help keep your stomach in place and give you better digestion and a night of better sleep at night. 

 Reduces Back Pain 

Lying flat on your back does not always give your back support. It needs to be comfortable throughout the night. You can adjust a movable bed frame to match the body's curve as close as possible. It helps in reducing pain and enhances comfort. An elevated mattress base will also help take away back, neck, and shoulder pains.

Improves Lifestyle 

Whether you are staying in bed to rest and recover or you like to read before going to sleep, you know how difficult it can be to position the perfect pile of pillows and keep it in place. An elevated bed frame turns your bed into a recliner with comfort. 


An adjustable mattress base can be a boon as it offers multiple benefits. It gives you comfort and many health benefits, such as reducing anxiety, stress, and body pain. If you want to add an elevated mattress base to your bed, you can contact Great Lakes Furnishings Get in touch with us to get the best quotes.  


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