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An End Table: Tips To Choose The Best For Your Home

A living room is the heart of a home.  This is where movie nights occur. Get together with your friends and relax on the sofa with a good book. Selecting the right sofa is the first step towards creating the comfortable space you require. However, end tables are a must when adding accents of style and convenience. 

It can be a fun job, but you should know the idea to fit your dream design. The first thing to remember is the end table's purpose. End tables are meant to help you keep everything neat and within reach. They come next to your sofa or chair and have a tremendous aesthetic influence. 

Why You need An End Table 

End tables are versatile pieces of furniture. They are meant to store everything you need when relaxing on your comfy sofa. End tables are available in many shapes, styles, sizes and materials. 

Many choose end tables rather than buying a coffee table for a more significant visual impact. You have a lot to explore and create a luxurious look. 

How to Choose the Perfect End Table For You 

End tables are one of the great additions to your room. You can understand how wide your side table should be. Think of the way you want to use it. Choose a wide table for a stack of books, magazines or a lamp. 

You can select the end table according to your choice that you want what sort of storage options. Here we have decided on some parameters to narrow the selection to your preferences.


Round tables are an attractive option for smaller spaces and storage needs. They look stunning in any setup and work best when you want to complement your armless chair. Round-shaped end tables can balance a room with a geometrical style. 

Square end tables are a great way to showcase your beautiful photos or favorite lamp that you purchased recently to add to your living room. They look fabulous in any setup next to your sofa. Square end tables add a bold vibe to your living room area. 


The end table monitors the other tables and furniture items in your living area. With the darker room theme, we recommend acrylic end tables or glass ones. This way, you ensure a light but vibrant look to your space. 

Marble finishes are aesthetically timeless and the right choice when placing drinks on them. Select the end table with clean lines and thin legs for a relaxed look. 


Select the perfect end table to keep an eye on the other tables and furniture items in your living room. You can opt for end tables made of different materials such as wooden, metal, marble, etc. You can choose end tables made of concrete or metal to balance a chunky wooden coffee table. People often try to put acrylic and glass tables in dark rooms. 

Marble finishes are aesthetically timeless and appealing. It adds a different charm to your hosting when you place the drinks on them. The other material options consist of glass and stone end tables.  

Wrap Up 

You can oversee end tables as great decoration assets with storage space. You can play with different materials, shapes and sizes to integrate them into your desired living room vibe. To get the best end tables, you can contact Great Lakes Furnishings

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