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We went in the store thinking we were going to end up in GR to find a good and affordable sectional couch. After 5min...
Teresa and the guys were amazing! Teresa is so sweet, honest, and really cares about her customers. They all care abo...
What a pleasure to shop at Great Lakes Furnishings! Steve greeted me at the door of his lovely store! He immediately ...
Skyler and Ethen were very polite and professional. They did a great job putting the bed together and they did not le...

Lakeside Living - Designing Coastal-Inspired Furniture for Michigan's Shoreline Homes

Michigan's stunning shoreline along the Great Lakes provides inspiration for coastal-inspired furniture designs that embrace the serenity and beauty of lakeside living.

Coastal furniture often features light and airy color palettes, including shades of blue, sandy beige, and crisp white, reflecting the colors of the lake and the beach.

Lakeside living rooms feature comfortable sofas and chairs with soft upholstery, perfect for relaxing after a day spent by the water.

Coastal dining sets with weathered finishes and woven chairs create a casual and inviting space for lakeside gatherings and meals.

Bedrooms in lakeside homes embrace the tranquility of coastal living with light and breezy bedding and nightstands with a driftwood finish.

Incorporate coastal decor elements, such as seashell accents, nautical artwork, and coastal-inspired rugs, to add a touch of the beach to your home.

Lakeside living allows Michiganders to create a space that exudes coastal charm and celebrates the beauty of the Great Lakes.

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